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✻How long does EPICINK last?

> Tattoo longevity depends on placement!

Neck/Hands/Shoulders ->3-6 Days

Arm/Forearm/Torso -> 6-10 Days

Legs/Calves/Ankles -> 10-14 Days

✻My EPICINK isn't developing fully within 48 hours

> Normally, this is the case for people with dry skin.

Make sure to moisturise to prime before placing tatt, and after!

✻Can I scrub off my tatt?

> No unfortunately, as the jagua stains the surface layer of your skin.

You'd just need to wait it out! You can try exfoliating the skin to try 

speeding up the process! 

✻Is EPICINK safe?

> EPICINK is safe!

While it is rare, there is a small risk of allergy reaction upon application

If you experience any discomfort, contact us @ep1cgirl on IG or email us

If you have sensitive skin, it's a good idea to have a small patch test!


Full ingredient list can be found in each product's description.


✻Is EPICINK cruelty free?


✻Is EPICINK halal?

> Yes!!

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